How to Get Over the Pain of Rejection


Every man in the world has experienced being rejected by a woman (or if he hasn’t, he’s too scared to talk to a woman in the first place). I’ve felt it. My buddies have felt it. I know you’ve felt it otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. There’s no doubt about it, getting a […]

5 Keys To Fixing Your Body Language


Body language is one of the most important ways you communicate. Women and successful men perceive what your body language shows about you in less than a second. Since it’s processed on the subconscious level, your body language will make or break the interaction before you ever open your mouth. Unfortunately, guys who didn’t grow […]

What Getting Fired Taught Me About Integrity


Guest post by Jad, Leverage Program member Monday morning. I wake up to the painfully loud buzzing of my alarm, and it hits me: I’m going to be late to work. I jump out of bed in a panic, neglect the shower or brushing my teeth, and opt for the efficiency of too much cologne […]

The Quickest Way To Move Past Social Fear


When you’re feeling fear or anxiety, the most important action to take isn’t one that reduces anxiety. It’s the action that reduces your avoidance, and makes you face whatever it is you’re anxious about. The next time you’re in a situation where you’re feeling a negative emotion, especially fear, takes these three steps. Over time, […]

Want to Hook Up with Her? Give it 7 Hours and You’re Usually Golden


One of my clients met a girl a while back who he really liked. She liked him too, and they texted back and forth for a while before setting up a date (side note: if you’re spending days texting girls and not meeting up with them, you suck at text game and you need THIS). […]

Building Your Ecosystem: Who’s Got Your Back?


One of the most important factors in improving your lifestyle, creating a better dating life, and having a masculine lifestyle, is who you choose to surround yourself with. Who you allow to influence your thinking dictates how you experience the world. You absorb the mental models and worldviews of the people in your ecosystems, and […]