The Difference Between a 21-Year-Old Woman and a 31-Year-Old Woman


A guy walks into a bar. He sees a hot 21-year-old sitting at one of the bar, and he sees a hot 31-year-old sitting at the other end. Does he use the same game on both chicks? Answer: NO WAY! Being good at gaming is about surveying the playing field and knowing who you’re dealing […]

How To Pickup A Waitress


Women that are working get hit on all the time. You know how many idiot duchebags, after just being served by a waitress at Hooters will hand the girl their business card and say “We should… We should go for coffee sometime.” You wouldn’t believe how often this happens. If you talk to these girls […]

Women Tell All: The Worst Turn Offs in the Bedroom (Part 1)

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I recently polled a group of 10,000 women aged 18-35 who live in the LA-area who all belong to a private group on Facebook about what they consider to be DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to sex. The thread was one of the most popular I’ve seen posted, with over 300 enthusiastic responses from […]

Avoid the Over-Gaming Trap: How to Know When to Pull Back


There’s an art to knowing when to game and when to push back. Too often I see cool dudes hitting it off with a girl at a bar, she’s really into him, and he just doesn’t know when to transition to the next phase of the interaction. Are you guilty of over-gaming? What is Over-Gaming? […]

How to Transition a Girl Back to Your Place Without Looking Like a Douche


I see a lot of guys struggling with how to convert a great opening conversation with a girl into a longer interaction and finally into an invitation to come back home. An invitation that isn’t instantly rejected, that is. Knowing how to bring girls back to your place for sex consistently is an art and […]