Inner Confidence on Elite Daily: How To Avoid Hard Feeligns & Make A Seamless Exit After A One Night Stand


Tell me if you can relate: You and your buddies go to your favorite bar. You see a cute woman and say hello. The two of you hit it off, start making out and end up back at your place for a night of fun. The next morning, you wake up with her arm slung […]

Inner Confidence on Elite Daily: Leveraging a Mobile Lifestyle


“The research from psychology and behavioral economics is clear: We’re happier when we spend money on experiences, like traveling and other people, than when we spend it on material goods and ourselves.” Check out my post that was recently featured on Elite Daily! Want to learn how to create your own mobile lifestyle? At the […]

Success With Women Is Closer Than You Think


Ever hear the saying don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good? Nowhere is this more true than when you’re learning how to be better with women. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be good enough. A lot of the advice out there is aiming at perfection. And this […]

Viewing Life With Confidence


Guest post by Jad Morris, Leverage Program member It’s a situation you know intimately well: you’re at a bar when you spot a beautiful woman who flashes you some eye contact. You get excited, thinking she finds you attractive, which is quickly followed by thoughts that she’s out of your league and wouldn’t be interested […]

Cute Chicks are Good for Business


Men love being in the company of beautiful women. It just makes everything that much more fun and interesting. You will never hear a guy say, “Dude, I’m out, I just don’t want to hang out with more cute girls.” Having cute girls around brings me more cute girls, more important guys, better girlfriends and better […]

Does Your Shirt Fit?


What size shirt are you wearing right now? I’d be willing to bet that it’s too big and doesn’t flatter you at all. How do I know that? Because 95% of all guys wear dorky clothes that make them look like they don’t have a clue how to take care of themselves (let alone lead […]