Does Your Shirt Fit?


What size shirt are you wearing right now? I’d be willing to bet that it’s too big and doesn’t flatter you at all. How do I know that? Because 95% of all guys wear dorky clothes that make them look like they don’t have a clue how to take care of themselves (let alone lead […]

How to Use the Friend Zone to Your Advantage


Guys complain to me all the time that they’ve been confined to the friend zone. They think they should be able to bang every girl they meet, and when they get pushed to the friend zone, they whine about it instead of strategically using it to their advantage. Dudes: STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FRIEND ZONE. […]

A Better Way To Connect With Women


Creating really strong connections, especially in a short amount of time, is a difficult skill to master. Anyone who is missing the signals that girls send and not connecting is thinking way too much about what’s going on in their own head: insecurities, thoughts, what to say next, etc. They’re focusing on the craziness in […]

Are You Overlooking This Crucial Dating Principle?


Being attractive to women requires the willingness to tolerate ambiguity. Because you can never control every factor in a situation and you can’t read anyone’s mind, social situations in general are ambiguous. Nowhere is this more true than with dating. At a bar, a girl could make eye contact with you because she’s interested, or […]

Why I Started Writing


Guest post by Jad Morris, Leverage Program member As a kid, my mom would always said to me, “Jad, you should write a book about your life someday.” I constantly joked with her and said “Okay Mom, I’ll get right on that,” with no intention ever of writing anything. Like most of us, I never […]