Why You Aren’t Making Enough Mistakes

2+2=5 formula written on a board

We all know the cliches about how you fail your way to success, or how you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. It’s common knowledge in our culture that the way you get better at something is by making mistakes. But is it really? A lot of guys don’t realize that they’re looking […]

Why The Stories You’re Telling Yourself Don’t Help


One of the most popular features of the Leverage Program is that guys post writeups of social experiences and interactions they have, and they get feedback from other members and experts in the group. The best way to get systematic step-by-step advice based on what we know works is to be objective. Both when you’re […]

I Don’t Ever Lie

Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. has conducted research that shows how typical humans lie in one out of every five daily interactions. The type of lies we tell isn’t really important. What is important is to consider the ways we can’t help but cushion the truth. It’s common for guys to only tell parts of the truth, […]

Little Decisions: What You’re Probably Getting Wrong


Being good at making little decisions is more important than being good at making big decisions. Being objective about your decisions is a key contributor to success. In my experience, educated and successful people say the word “objective” three times a day or more. Broke dick hippy fucktard bums say “open minded” 20 times a […]

What’s Better Than Motivation?


I’ve found from working with hundreds of clients that motivation is NOT what drives behavior change. Trying to change too many habits at once more often than not leads to failure, discouragement, and not trying again. Habits are more important than discipline or willpower. Our society teaches us to view life improvement in a way […]

The Hardest Weight To Lose


As a health and fitness coach, I’ve seen tons of people both lose and gain weight. While people come to me for first for health advice, it usually evolves into life advice, because we develop deeper relationships with the people who help us. In so many situations, the advice follows similar patterns, and the best […]