An open letter to men who are frustrated with trying to improve their conversation skills, but aren't getting the success they want with women...

"Why you'll NEVER attract, connect with, and create lasting and fulfilling relationships with truly exceptional women (who you deserve), unless you understand 'this'..."

The critical, missing component to naturally and authentically attracting, meeting, and connecting with women -- that every other system, course, and "guru" doesn't talk about!

From: Robbie Kramer of Inner Confidence

Dear Friend,

There's a very real and toxic reason why most men struggle to meet extraordinary women, have fun dates, have great sex, and have fulfilling relationships.

In fact, this problem could be affecting you right now and you wouldn't even know it.

It's not any of the things you think it is, and it's an issue that's NEVER talked about in the Dating Community, let alone in any of its products or courses.

And I'll tell you what it is in just a moment.

But first, I need to explain how you're being set up for failure by all the "seduction gurus" out there, and by all the dating material that is so readily available today.

I'm not holding out on you, it's just that these two issues work hand in hand.

And it's only by realizing that it's NOT YOUR FAULT can you then understand this critical mistake that plagues your love life...

And more importantly, how you can overcome it.

Here's what it's all about.

You see almost every guy at some point or another has searched for that one great pickup line, routine, trick, or gimmick that will have women swoon over him.

But no matter how hard you search, there is no such thing as a magic pill to cure your problems with women.

Most men also think that if they were better looking, drove a fancy car, and had a bigger bank account they would get more women.

Now this may increase your chances of finding a gold digger or a woman who is only interested in material possessions, but it will not make you a more attractive man.

Because here's the truth.

Most men struggle because they simply do not know
what women look for in a man...

So they spend the majority of their time learning the newest "material" from the latest, flashiest guru, who promises to transform them into a modern day Casanova...

And they wonder why they NEVER achieve the success they so desperately crave!

Let me ask you something...

  • Have you ever wondered why some men are so damned good with women, using these SAME techniques that you're failing with?
  • Have you ever felt the agonizing helplessness of seeing a woman you'd like to approach (at the bar, the gym, the coffee shop)... and then watching her walk away because you've failed to act?
  • Have you ever felt intimidated when talking to a gorgeous, high class woman, because you feel vulnerable and unworthy?
  • Have you ever felt discouraged because you don't know exactly what to say to a woman, and when to say it?
  • Have you ever been unable to communicate and relate to a younger or older woman?
  • Have you ever felt the immobilizing fear of KNOWING you're screwing up WHILE you're talking to a woman and not being able to do a damn thing about it? Just painfully witness yourself crash and burn?
  • Have you ever wished you were guaranteed success with any woman you interacted with, regardless of the scenario?
  • Wait a second... do all of these questions sound strangely familiar to you? Do they sound suspiciously like all the other products and services that you've read about?

Well I've got some news for you. That's because, if you're even ASKING these questions...

You've failed before you've even begun!

That's right, all of these insecurities stem from a SINGLE source, and once this SINGLE problem has been overcome, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING else will fall in place for you!

And the solution is NOT about eliminating the hundreds of tiny individual issues that you THINK you need help with. Like the ones we just listed.

No, the real solution is knocking them all out in one, fell swoop.

And you can do that, very easily, once you understand this one, simple concept.

You see, I’ve spoken with thousands of men, men who just want to be themselves and attract the women of their dreams. But they end up struggling to meet women, get dates, have great sex, and have fulfilling relationships.

Did you read that carefully?

All men want to be THEMSELVES while being able to
attract the women they desire

Instead, they try to learn all the "material," the "stuff" the lines and routines that mask their true selves and their true nature.

This is a HUGE problem.

Now the reason most men are struggling is not because they do not have an amazing gift to offer women, it’s because they don’t know how to communicate their gifts.

Shyness, social anxiety, past traumas, negative experiences and fear all add to this problem and it’s often easier for most guys to just give up than get this part of their life handled.

Most self-help and dating products tell you a bunch of things to do, but they forget to focus on who you are being first.

There is a very technical term for this phenomenon, which we call “Whipped Cream on Shit.”

If you tell an extremely shy, insecure, and unconfident man the greatest pickup line in the world, it's not going to work very often, because who he is being is shy, insecure, and unconfident when he says it to a woman.

He may be able to fake it once or twice but its not going to take long until she smells the shit under that whipped cream, and walks away

Because women, by nature, are far more intuitive and emotionally intelligent than we could EVER hope to be.

Women live in the land of feeling and are more loyal to their feelings than what makes logical sense. If they can’t feel you they don’t care how right you are.

So when you only focus on "what to do," everything you do is agenda based.  And when women can sense that you have an agenda while interacting with them, they will usually be extremely turned off.

If you are in your head analyzing, plotting the next routine, "calibrating" the situation, then women will have a hard time feeling you.

If they can’t feel you they can’t get attracted to you or trust you.

Think of bad actors. They might be good looking but they are communicating from their heads. They often look like robots on stage or might be overly dramatic like they are trying to feel  rather than just feeling .

This is what I call agenda based communication and it’s just like bad acting.

So what I'm telling you is that you've been misled...
and it's NOT your fault!

So there you have it. The deep, underlying problem that the majority of men face when trying to attract extraordinary women.

It's a surgery caliber problem that most "teachers" out there are trying to fix with band-aids and kisses. Unfortunately, that's NEVER going to work.

So what IS the solution to this problem?

Let me explain by showing you a common human thought process.

HAVE  ->  DO  ->  BE

Most people believe that once they HAVE the things they want in life, then they can DO the things they want to do, and then, they will BE happy.

"Someday" when I lose weight and buy some new clothes, I'll be ready to meet women...

“Someday” when I have that 7 figure bank account, then I can take that trip around the world, then I’ll be happy... 

“Someday” when I have the women of my dreams, I’ll be able to do all those things couples do, and then I’ll be happy... 

Here is the problem with “Someday...”
it happens right after you take a 6 foot drop!

You never get there, it's always out in the future, and if you do get something you want “Someday” before you die, it never really makes you happy, at least not for very long.

Here is the worst mistake men make.  They tell themselves “I don’t have women in my life, so I better start doing the things to get one.”  If you are one of these guys, don’t feel bad, we were too!

But guess what, that model hasn't worked thus far, has it? If you're reading this letter to this point, I'm sure you want the REAL solution.  So lets tweak the model a bit.

BE  ->  DO  ->  HAVE

First, you BE attractive, then you will naturally DO the things that suck extraordinary women into your reality, and then you will HAVE an abundance of beautiful women in your life.  Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, most self-help and dating products tell you a bunch of things to do, but they forget to focus on who you are "being" first.

Okay, let me break this down for you in one sentence. Ready?

Women are attracted to a man’s sexual presence and masculinity, not his "attempt" at sexual presence and masculinity...

The true power of your attractiveness to women isn't in the words.


It's in your presence, your integrity, your solidity in the face of tension or danger, your devotion to intention, your discipline, your focus.

This is so true, that if you were truly present and grounded, you could say to a woman, "Do you like pancakes?" and she would melt like butter.

You want to make women melt?  Or one woman melt for decades?

Then know the difference between conveying confidence and BEING confident.

Between conveying masculine solidity and BEING solid.

And that's not something you can just hope and wish for.

It's a switch you need to make.  It's a CHOICE you need to make.

And then you need to follow it up with practices that support your choice.

So if you want to attract a lot of women, develop these ways of being and you will never need to rehearse pickup lines, routines, magic tricks, suck in your gut, flash your wad of cash, go on elaborate dates, brag, or buy her diamond earrings again.

Easier said than done, right?

Don't worry.

I know you probably haven't been practicing your "presence" and "groundedness" exercises regularly.

In fact, this may be the first time you've even heard these terms in detail.

That is, unless you're a yoga master, a highly trained martial artist, or a natural, social genius.

And yes, it takes time to develop these core areas of your being.

  • It means training your subconscious to rise up and above the insecurities, pains, and frustrations of the past.
  • It means taking control of your emotions and being completely grounded in your heart, with no agenda or attachment to outcome.
  • It means being absolutely certain of your masculinity and your solidarity in the moment.
  • And usually, it takes years of practice and discipline to get to this state.
  • Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way for you...

Introducing, “Conversational Confidence: Attract Women Authentic and Natural Through Conversation" Ebook!

How would you like to stop "trying" with women?

How would you like to effortlessly attract gorgeous, evolved women, not because of anything you DO, but by virtue of who you ARE?

That's what I want to teach you.

The Conversational Confidence Ebook focuses on your BEING.

In other words, how you feel and the energy you radiate as you are talking with women.

It’s using your right brain and body rather then your analytical mind and without it, you would just be practicing a bunch of techniques that wouldn’t feel authentic to you.

The best part?

It's in a very simple, easy to learn format for you to digest.

You see, there are 7 dynamics of every successful dynamic conversation, and by absorbing and understanding them, you can quickly and easily trigger massive respect, intrigue, and attraction, no matter what you say or do.

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover in the Conversational Confidence Ebook:

The 7 Dynamics of every successful conversation... and how you can apply them to leave women more lit up then when you found them!

  • The secrets to making your conversations so incredibly empowering that you’ll get women to ask YOU out!
  • How to meet women in a dynamically authentic and natural way. Forget using any lines, routines, or canned material. Finally... you're going to discover how to be magnetic, compelling, and charismatic, all by being genuinely you...
  • Why you will attract more high quality women that lead to fulfilling relationships by having deep, connected, heart-centered, agenda-free conversations. Your whole love life will change once you understand these principles...
  • The absolute quickest way to become masterful at having conversations with women that supports them, inspires them and compels them to take the next steps with you...
  • Warning! What NOT to do if you want to start conversations with ease and grace... no matter how many other "gurus" tell you to do this!
  • Why connection matters more than anything you say to a woman (we’ll teach you 3 ways to create instant connection with anyone you meet)
  • How to leave women feeling better then you found them (and leave them wanting MORE of you) by unleashing the power of the “yes” factor...
  • The crucial role that energy plays in your conversations -- and how to channel it effectively to build trust, rapport and sexual attraction
  • PLUS – Your very own scripted sample questions for each element so you’ll have a powerful toolkit to use whenever you talk with women!

The Secrets of Powerful, Emotional Connection...

  • How to engage a woman emotionally and create a powerful connection that she has probably only experienced with her closest friends and family -- in minutes! (Which often results in something more...)
  • Why engaging a woman from an embodied place (a place of feeling) will cause them to trust you deeply and be immensely attracted to you... even if you piss them off!
  • The one, true secret of masculine attraction that – when applied properly -- will have women swooning for you! (The key is to stay in a place of feeling and connection with her, so that even when you don’t agree with something she says, she will love you for it...)
  • The powerful attraction trigger that all healthy women desperately seek in men, but rarely find. If you can be one of the few men in her life who embody this, you will have your choice of gorgeous, evolved women...
  • How to let a woman feel your vulnerability and your strength at the same time, to ignite feelings of utmost safety, complete trust, and white-hot attraction...
  • Do "this" to immediately stop being the guy that makes a great friend but does not inspire sexual attraction...
  • Why are women attracted to assholes and not nice guys? Is there a way to retain your presence and masculinity without being a pushover? There IS a real middle ground between being strong and vulnerable, and you're about to learn what it is...
  • Why real masculine presence and confidence causes the same, powerful reaction in women, that gorgeous, radiant woman have on men!

The little known, but stunningly effective power of Acknowledging...

  • Why genuinely acknowledging a woman can be an extremely powerful way to create a deep and instant connection with her. If you don’t know how to properly acknowledge a woman, you've GOT to read this section...
  • How to quickly and easily observe something deep and interesting about a woman you just met. If you are one of the few men who can do this, you will stand head and shoulders above the rest of the desperate, needy men she's used to...
  • Myth Busted! A lot of dating coaches will tell you that compliments don’t work and not to give them... unless you know and understand "this"...
  • The TRUTH about compliments versus acknowledgements. The ONE thing you must do correctly if you want women to blush and thank you, rather than sneer and turn away!
  • The biggest mistake that ALL the "pickup" schools and gurus make that murder any chance of you meeting truly evolved, gorgeous women of real substance. If you're okay with club girls and party chicks, that's fine. But if you want real connection (whether it's for a night or a lifetime), with grateful, beautiful women, make sure you don't fall into this trap!

How to tap into the hypnotic power of genuine Curiosity, and how it triggers intrigue, fascination, and attraction in women...

  • Why rehearsing what you'll say to a woman could be the biggest mistake you could ever make...
  • The real secret to quelling your fear, and successfully starting conversations with the women of your choice. It's not what you think, but it will exponentially increase your chances of making a connection that lasts...
  • The absolute quickest way to kill attraction with a beautiful woman... the creepy thing is, you may ALREADY be doing this and not even know you're doing it!
  • A simple exercise you can do right now to create massive masculine attraction from a woman, just by asking her a few questions!
  • Why having your mind go blank when you're speaking to a woman is actually the BEST thing that can happen during your interaction! No, this isn't about body language or sub-communication, but once you understand this simple principal you will find that women will want to engage YOU, even if you aren't speaking!

How properly Serving a woman will drop her defenses, and cause her to gratefully and boldly serve you in return...

  • The startling truth about real, masculine attraction, and why every other pickup school has got it all wrong! Hint -- your "weakness" is actually your greatest strength...
  • The 80/20 rule of effective storytelling... and how it can mean the difference between a woman seeing you as a powerfully attractive man, and dismissing you as yet another boring schlep!
  • Finally! The real answer to whether you should buy a girl a drink, open doors for her, or buy her dinner... No more worrying whether or not you are giving up "power" or "control" when faced with these situations...
  • What women REALLY want you to do when they're complaining to you or giving you attitude, but will NEVER tell you!
  • The 3 most effective ways you can "serve" a woman, and why doing these from a grounded, present state will inspire and ignite attraction with her quicker than any line, routine, or canned material...

How to be dynamically and unapologetically Bold with women... especially if you're dealing with strong and opinionated women!

  • Being aggressive turns women off, right? WRONG... You will actually double your dating – immediately -- if you do it the way we tell you...
  • Why being a jerk is more trustable to a woman than being a pushover. And how you can blend these two personality types to become strong yet vulnerable, genuinely yourself, and irresistibly attractive!
  • Why, if you are not so aggressive with women that they occasionally confuse you with a pushy guy, you are playing it too safe. This is actually a sign that you are doing things the RIGHT way!
  • Why some women will intentionally "pull away" from you, and what you can do – in response - to immediately increase her attraction for you...
  • The secrets of the "Attract-O-Meter" and how you can use them to understand exactly which of the 7 dating dynamics to stand in, and how to create attraction and a real connection between you and the women you desire...

The 5 stages of every conversation and how to flow naturally, and without agenda to meet women...

  • The simple, but powerfully effective 4 week program that reveals – in intimate detail -- the power of dynamic conversations, and how it can transform your love life forever...
  • The step-by-step blueprint to create your ideal love life with women, whether you want a variety, or you want to find a partner for the long term. Discover how to make women see you as a gift that they treasure, not just another guy...
  • The 5 essential rules to create a game that will not only keep you motivated and excited, it will dramatically improve your success with the women you desire...
  • 7 questions to ask yourself after every interaction to check your progress, and gauge your success with the new women in your life!
  • One of the most common questions we’re asked is “Where do I meet women?”  We’ll share our top 10 favorite places...
  • The ONE thing you can change to triple your success with women... overnight!
  • 10 tips to upgrading your personal image... immediately! PLUS – the one investment you will make if you are truly serious about improving your success with women!
  • Why personal, one-on-one time with a professional coach can make the Conversational Confidence principles hyper effective for you. It's not for everyone, but those who want dramatic improvement in attracting, meeting, and KEEPING beautiful women will experience their desired outcomes sooner than they EVER thought possible!

Why this e-book is so different than any other "attraction" material available today...

Over the years, we've coached thousands of men who simply wanted to become more attractive to women while simply being themselves.

And unfortunately, the closest model that exists in attracting women today, deals with memorizing lines, rehearsing routines, and continuously being in your analytical mind.

As we just talked about, this is absolute suicide for your love life.

Yet, learning "stuff" is what is taught by every major "pickup" and "seduction" school out there.

But now you know that being "in your head" and memorizing material takes you further away from your true self, your natural and authentic self, which women find trustable and attractive.

The Conversational Confidence e-book actually takes you back to that place of depth and personal strength, by highlighting your natural attractiveness, and naturally attractive qualities.

In essence, it reintroduces you to... you.

The interesting thing is, when I first began giving our talks around the Community, I thought I would be laughed at...

I mean, c'mon, heart based attraction? Presence and groundedness? Strength and solidarity?

I was talking to guys with 7 rings on each hand, dyed hair, black eyeliner, and Ed Hardy gear on. This was back in 2008 and luckily things have changed a lot since…

Many of them obviously wanted as many women as possible. Which is fine.

But what I quickly realized was that there is a unique faction of men who don't want to settle for party girls and trashy club women.

Some men attend seminar after seminar trying to figure out how to attract a higher quality of woman, whether it be for the short term, or to settle down for the rest of their lives.

Some men are sick and tired of the games, power struggles, and rules you must obey in order to "win".

Some men want more. They want women who are beautiful, inside and out, who are intelligent, bursting with love, and are grateful at discovering a real man.

And it was these men who resonated deeply with my message.

The fascinating thing? Most of them told me later that it seemed like I was talking directly to them.

That I was hitting on the missing component to this whole male/female dynamic thing.

That this is exactly what they were looking for.

Is this what YOU'RE looking for? Then let me ask you a question...

How much is this information worth to you?

Remember, I teach small workshops to a select group of men who pay $3000 each for the weekend.

The interesting part? I teach them almost exactly what is explained in this ebook!

And if you think about it, developing true confidence and core masculine attraction is something you will absorb and internalize forever.

Something that is easily worth half that amount, $1000.

In fact, that's a small price to pay to be able to effortlessly create deep emotional connection, and ignite powerful attraction with the developed, gorgeous women that you meet.

We've already paid tens of thousands of dollars for this knowledge that we've now distilled and honed into this tightly concentrated e-book. And it could change your life forever.

But it's my desire to HELP men, not to hoard this priceless knowledge. My goal is to put this information into as many hands as possible.

So, what I’m going to do is make the Conversational Confidence ebook around a thirtieth of the workshop cost, at $75.

However, for a limited time, I have decided to offer an introductory price to test prices.

This is, after all, my very first ebook!

That means, if you buy now you can have this transformational material for only $47.00

But to be sure you get this special price, you must act now, because the introductory discount is a test price and may be raised at any time.

What is $47 to you?

$47 is the cost of one dinner at a mediocre restaurant, or a couple lap dances.

Right now, the choice is yours.

And I am so confident that you'll see massive results and success in your love life after reading and applying the principles in this package, I’m going to make your investment 100% risk free!

So, it looks like you've got a couple choices here...

Choice #1 – Do Nothing...

Sure, you can set this information aside. You can "think it over," or come back to it later. But that's not a good idea...

You see, every day, every minute, every SECOND that goes by is another minute you are not spending in the company of that one special woman, or the special women you deserve in your life.

That's painful.

Especially when you KNOW that the power to have this kind of life is right here, in front of you.

But only for a limited time, and only for a limited number of smart, fast acting people...

Choice #2 – Take Action, knowing that you have NOTHING to lose, and so much to gain...

Are you sick and tired of trying to be someone else in order to attract women?

Are you ready to start being yourself, and discovering quality women who love you for YOU?

Are you ready to do what it takes to create real and lasting change in your life?

Well, now you can, and it's all waiting for you on the other side of a mouse click.

The Conversational Confidence E-Book was a great resource for me.  If you are “On the fence” about purchasing a dating e-book I would recommend you check this one out.  It goes right to the core of who you are and whats going on with you emotionally in the area of romance.  No funny names, no “pick up routines” no fake stories tricking women into liking you, just 100% real emotional connection and strengthening your inner confidence.  This is the necessary evolution of so called “pick up arts” into something more meaningful and organic.

-SW / Santa Monica

I decided to get Conversational Confidence for two main reasons: first, to be able to open upwith my own emotions and two, to be able to connect with girls, and with people in general, on a deep and powerful level.  The Book far exceeded my expectations (which were already pretty high). The exercises were designed to expand my comfort zone and my previous limitations. Doing the connecting exercises with different girls numerous times gave me a profound and peaceful feeling that I had never felt before. This is beyond lines or techniques, this book focuses on you and on becoming more conscious and developing true power within yourself. Since reading the book and doing the exercises, I've been in  my own reality, and have brought girls into that. I am able to make my needs and wants known, better handle tests, and most importantly, am on a more honorable and exciting path than I ever was before. I highly recommend this book to virtually anybody because no matter your skill level, it is a recipe for personal growth."

-BH / Los Angeles

I began working with Robbie early last year to help overcome this fear I had of women. At first it was just the fear of going up and meeting women but I quickly began to see how deep and pervasive these fears really were and how this was holding me back in other areas of my life, like my relationships, as well. Working with Robbie, I've been able to let a lot of these fears go. I feel a lot more comfortable interacting with women and the women in my life have noticed and commented on it. Even better, women I don't know are noticing and starting to approach me! I am very happy with the results I've achieved so far and look forward to working with Robbie in the days ahead...

J.E. - New York   

100% Guarantee

And to top things off:

If in the next 12 months you don't convert way more leads into lovers, or if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your results...

...I'll BUY the ““Conversational Confidence” manual back from you, and…

That means there is ZERO risk for you at all.

To order with your credit card on our 100% secure server, simply click button below:

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