Could building confidence with hot women really be as simple as identifying your blind spots and fixing them?

The challenge is this: brutal honesty is rare in today's world. That makes it easy to see the weaknesses of others, but we can't see them in ourselves- no matter how motivated we might be to improve our lives.

When was the last time you got helpful feedback from women on what steps you need to take to build lasting inner confidence?

If you're like most guys I've asked, that answer is never. In fact, it's the reason I first hired a dating coach.

I was popular enough in high school and played sports, so I thought meeting girls should come pretty easily for the rest of my life. I was wrong. In my early 20s I sucked with women. What was I doing wrong?

After stumbling on The Game, I sought out all the information I could. I messaged other guys in the pickup community to ask for feedback on what I was doing, but still didn't improve.

Looking back now, my biggest blind spot was that I was being inauthentic and hiding behind goofy lines instead of calling out how I really felt in the moment. Sadly I thought my issue was that I just needed better lines, when the problem was that I was following ridiculous PUA advice.

Luckily, I eventually committed to one company’s method, hired a coach, and ignored everything else. With great coaches mentoring me, I finally started working through my blind spots, crushing approaches using proven advice, and ignoring all the BS that had been slowing me down.

If you've followed my blog, podcast, or 21 Convention speeches for a while, then you know that I've spent the last 10 years traveling the world. I've dated women from all different cultures and learned exactly what it takes for a man to attract his dream girl and live the ideal lifestyle that comes with it. I created Inner Confidence so I could coach guys through their blind spots and help them meet the women of their dreams.

I've rejected a ton of the nonsense our society wants us to buy into, like consumerism, the standard 9-5 career path, and the media's terrible relationship advice. So where has that gotten me?

Well, now I date hot women, I choose what kind of relationships I want, and I work when and how I want. All of the problems of the typical American dude are solved in my life. I never have to settle.

If you're settling for less than the dating life you deserve, there's hope. I know because I've witnessed the transformation in my own life and the lives of countless students. Improving your dating life becomes a straightforward process when you focus on attacking your blind spots.

  • If you've struggled to meet women you'd consider girlfriend or wife material...
  • If you've read a ton of material online without it making a difference in your life...
  • If you've tried products or bootcamps but didn't have long-term success...

Then pay close attention, because there's a good reason why. And the reason why is because most of the advice you'll encounter takes a one-size-fits-all approach. Keep this in mind: most of the advice that people give serves to justify their own decisions and life story, rather than to provide individualized help.

Simply put: every guy's situation is different, so most of the advice out there is flat-out garbage for helping you date the hottest women. Are you tired of seeing self-appointed "pickup gurus" giving the same generalized advice and encouraging you to be inauthentic?

I know I am, and that's why I took the opposite approach with this quiz

Over the 10 years I've been a dating coach, I've developed a process I use with every new student. I ask him a series of questions about his dating life and social skills so I can identify in a single session what his #1 obstacle is. We then create an action plan to start fixing it immediately.

Up until now, my students paid me hundreds or thousands of dollars to consult with them and go through this process. What I've done is taken that formerly closed-door process and I've developed a simpler online version of my assessment that asks those very same questions.

While nothing can replicate the experience of a one-on-one coaching session, I tested this process with all my current students and didn't stop refining it until it correctly identified their blind spots.

Here's what you need to do now: click the button below to start the quiz to identify your sticking points. You'll be asked a series of questions. Once you've answered those questions, enter your name and email, and on the other side you'll get an instant free report on how you can move past your biggest challenge in your dating life.

There's a ton of advice out there, and I want to make sure you're only spending time on things that will actually help you attract hotter women.