Just when you thought you nailed the hardest part of dating women (getting her number), you’re suddenly hit with a harsh realization - women can (and will) ghost you.

And the worst part is, you’ll never know why because they will not tell you.

All you can do is think about what you might’ve done wrong… and pray the next girl doesn’t smell your desperation, and hope they actually respond to your texts.


If you’re tired of women pulling a disappearing act on you… and feel like you’re just getting “pity” numbers all the time… 

Then this especially for you.

Because in the next few minutes, I’m gonna give you the text messaging secret to completely ending the ghostly disappearances girls pull… 

…A secret that ensures NO girl ever flakes on you again… 

And even shows you exactly what to text a girl EVERY single time.

No matter whether it’s your first time messaging… setting up a date… or just keeping you on her radar till you meet up again… 

You can be confident you’ll send only texts that rev up her desire to read your messages… meet for drinks… and even take her home.

And even better: 

You’ll be using short, simple, and even copy/paste, ZERO-effort text messages… that are practically guaranteed to make girls so infatuated with you, they’ll jealously fight other girls you’re messaging… just for a shot to be the next girl in line.

Hi, my name is Robbie, and in a moment I’m gonna give you the secret to texting girls that I used to take complete virgins (who nearly gave up on women due to their “bad luck”)… 

…to them having a top-shelf collection of women they can choose from at the literal press of a button - all of whom are excited (and even eager) to receive their text messages, meet up, and please them how they want.

But first let me tell you a bit about myself, and how I came across the secret to texting girls that lets even the most awkward, shy, nerdy guys create dates with a 7, 8, 9, or even 10 out of 10 woman… 

(Through text message alone).

How a random poker player made getting women (and texting them) easy as pie

As a dating consultant, I’ve worked with thousands of students around the world — including top Hollywood Producers, The Worlds’ Richest Professional Poker Players, CEO's, real-estate investors, and Internet marketing "gurus" who make millions of dollars per year… 

And along the way, I’ve ran across my fair share of what some people call “naturals."

A natural is one of those lucky fellows who seem to pick up women as easy as breathing or takin a piss.

(With ZERO training, research, or practice).

If they see a woman they like, on pure instinct alone… they can easily walk up to her, smile, introduce themselves, and in no time at all the girl’s touching his arms, his chest… and all the while giggling and giving them eyes that practically scream “please take me home with you!”

Well, I happened to run into one of these naturals at a poker game. And let me tell you, his “natural” status applies to both women AND men… because even I thought he was cool as hell. Every single movement of his, every phrase he said, and even what he was wearing caught my eye and made me think, “how can women possibly resist this?”

Well, as a student of the social & attraction game, I made absolutely sure I mentally “documented” my experience with this impressive natural - all in the hopes that I could implement even a fraction of what he does without breaking a sweat.

And as I broke down what made this natural tick… and analyzed why women found him so irresistible…

I hit the jackpot.

Something he said inadvertently revealed his secret to effortless, extremely likable, smooth as butter lady-getting abilities.

And in my excitement, I ditched the poker game, said my goodbyes, and went home to see how I could fit this brand new insight into my own dating toolbox. 

And after staying up all night, furiously reviewing my entire dating approach to see where this new info fit best… I found it.

You see:

To this date, there has NEVER been a great text-messaging course specifically for guys who broke past barrier one of dating - getting the number.

And even within my own circle of private clients (and the HUGE number of guys I’ve helped out after all these years), I’ve seen them screw up something that you’d think should be a simple task - texting women!

In fact, no matter how many numbers they’d get, they’d ALWAYS be disappointed by the oddly high number of girls who’d exchange numbers with them… 

(Many of which seemed excited, eager, and even flirtatious when they swapped digits)…

…Only to be completely ghosted after sending them a single text message!

And even after sending 2 or 3 more texts, it did absolutely nothing to improve their situation. 

On the contrary, I’d bet a million dollars that each following text they sent only made them look sadder, needier… and even pathetic in these women’s eyes.

It was clear that I needed to revamp my texting game as well. 

That way I could ensure my guys would be completely covered when it came to sending text messages that not only made women interested in them… but also giddy with joy and excitement because their text message became the highlight of the girl’s day.

So, I optimized my entire text game using the poker player’s “natural” insights.

Meaning everything from opening texts… to pre-date texts… to after-date texts… to after-sex texts… and ANY other text you can think of was modified under my new and improved system.

Afterwards, me and my clients made sure to put it to the test, just to make sure this wasn’t a pointless effort.

But even I was shocked by the results…

Because using my brand new texting system… 

I discovered I had made an almost 100% "rejection-free" way of texting women… that lets even the most "timid" and shy dudes date dozens of beautiful women in just a few short weeks.

…Without making a single phone call. 

…And without having to spend hardly ANY money on dates. 

(In fact, women actually offer to pay for your drinks with this method).

And unsurprisingly, this text messaging “blueprint” had women chasing them like a starving lion after a wounded zebra - they were just ALL over them!

Even the sex-less virgins (who had practically resigned themselves to a life of celibacy) were changed men afterward, and had their own little “harem” of women blasting their phone’s notification bell damn near every 10 minutes.

Well, after seeing these jaw-dropping results, only one thought came to mind:

“So this is what it’s like to be a natural…” 

It was easy - too easy. 

But as jealous of naturals as I was… 

It was COMPLETELY overshadowed by the looks on my friend’s faces (many of which are also dating experts) as they saw how easily, how effortlessly, how consistently I was taking these numbers and turning them into dates.

Women were constantly blowing up my message box. It became such a problem that I almost thought I needed an assistant just to plan and organize all the dates these girls thrust upon me!

Now… I’m almost never disappointed or confused by a woman suddenly ghosting me. Because I know that by sending a certain text, she will damn near crawl through glass to meet up with me!

The only thing I worry about now is making sure I screen women (through text) to make sure only the most interesting, fun, and available women are in my dating pool.

(Which you’ll need to do as well... if you use my process).


Let me share the fruit of me, my guys, and the “natural’s” combined efforts.

I present to you:

"Make Her Want You" Texting Secrets

The Blueprint for drawing 8, 9, or 10 outta 10 women into your texting inbox…  and EASILY turning their numbers into guaranteed dates.

It’s my six-part course that covers EVERY single texting situation you can think… from post number exchange… to first date… to post-sex… and more.

And with every text custom-made to make you look cool, confident, interesting… and straight-up alpha to every single woman you message.

Here’s a sneak peek of everything you’ll get:

The Texting Fundamentals

The foundational module for getting into the texting “alpha” mindset… and banishing needy or desperate texts from your text toolbox forever.

  • The only two reasons you should ever text a girl (text a girl outside these two reasons and expect instant ghosting)
  • A “texting protocol” clueless guys ignore without even realizing… which caused nearly 99% of my girlfriends to laugh at them… and even give them “old-geezer” status, too (although it seems like the most normal thing to do!)
  • A “smack your head” simple way of seeing how much a girl likes you just by looking at a couple texts
  • An extremely common texting mistake I’ve seen MANY guys make (doing this gives girls the impression that you are too into them... and makes them think you’re a low-value man with no women - or interesting things - goin on in life)
  • The type of text that blocks even the most interested girl from messaging you… and ultimately leads to “ghost” town, USA (even if the girl genuinely likes you, sending this kind of text leaves her no wiggle room to express her desire for you)
  • Why you should ignore these kinds of texts if your goal is to get her thinking about you all day long (this is the KEY difference between giving her attention… and getting her attraction)
  • How NOT to end your text messages if you don’t wanna come off as a rude, sarcastic jerk (hint - I GUARANTEE you’ve made this mistake before… probably even today if you’ve messaged a girl already)
  • The EXACT level of enthusiasm to use in your texts (if you’re off by even a tiny bit… she’ll immediately think she’s aiming too low and put you in potential ‘ghost’ territory”)


These are the ONLY opening texts you’ll ever need to send again. She’ll be all over you once you send these charming, witty texts that barely require you to change them (and in some cases, require ZERO changes at all).

  • Exactly when to send your very first text to a girl (surprisingly, guys completely screw this up and miss the thing that actually matters… and often jeopardize their relationship with a girl because of it)
  • The “Callback Humor” text for makin girls giggle and drawing them to you like a magnet
  • My “Standard Protocol” text when it’s been 5 or more days since I got a number (works amazingly well on mature girls that are 25+ years old)
  • A simple “Flip the Script” text that gets women to play along with the idea that she hit on YOU instead (you’d be shocked at how many women are willing to “role-play” this out for you… which completely opens the path for you two to get drinks Saturday night)
  • The best text to send if you are CERTAIN she’s into you (if she’s clearly sprung, then these texts will exude confidence that she finds absolutely irresistible)

Getting Her Out on a Date

This is where MANY guys go wrong… and send out texts that say “I’m desperate and scared you won’t accept my date.” But I promise that if you just send these texts word-for-word… women will spend their waking moments staring at the clock and counting down the minutes till their date with you.

  • Make sure you DON’T send this text if you actually wanna date a girl (but if you already have… here’s how you fix it)
  • An easy text to send that has literally made MANY women say to me, “I really liked how you just told me what to do, it was hot!”
  • My “A, B, C, D” text when she’s leaving town the next day (women laugh and swoon when they read this… and almost certainly will date you that VERY night because of it)
  • The counter-intuitive texting method leading up to the date… which you MUST follow or you risk wrecking the flirty and fun vibe you’ve worked hard to create
  • A simple (but effective) text to send to guarantee she doesn’t flake out on you
  • Send THIS “Reschedule” text when you can’t make a date (ignore this advice and you’ll only come off rude, flaky… and undateable).
  • A giggle-inducing text to send when she’s running late (this instantly sets a good mood for when she arrives - provided you say THIS line to her first…)

Continuing the Conversation

These texts are perfect for keeping her brain laser-focused on you despite having other dudes blowing up her phone… and despite dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles separating you.

  • An easy copy/paste text to send when you had an amazing date with full on kissing action (PLUS -  the perfect follow-up if she doesn’t respond in 24 hours)
  • On the contrary - What to text her if the date was mediocre or even bad… but you STILL wanna see her again (be careful here, as sending ANYTHING other than this text will make you look desperate or needy)
  • The “After Sex” text method to keep her addicted to you… and every text message you ever send her
  • Only in town for the weekend? Send either text (1) if she’s young and just looking for fun, or text (2) if she’s a relationship girl and serious about the future (it’s important you send the right one to the right girl - IF you want her to join your “just-in-town-for-the-weekend” harem)
  • My “Top of Mind” go-to text when I haven’t seen a girl I’m into for a while (another word-for-word text you can send that brightens up a girl’s day instantly)

Dealing with Non-committal Girls

These are your anti-flake, anti-ghost, and anti-friendzone texts that eliminate the “bad-seeds” from your now loaded dating roster… leaving only the hottest and most interesting ones for you to pick from.

  • The “Brad Pitt” approach to dealing with flaky girls
  • My complete “Friendzone Annihilator” text series that (1) determines if you’re in the friendzone, (2) takes you OUT of the friendzone and (3) puts you in “he’s actually kind of hot…” territory 
  • 3 “Pick & Choose” texts to send when she hasn’t responded for 72 hours
  • 15 surefire signs she’s ghosted you and never returning (check this list if you’ve got even the slightest inkling she’s not interested… there’s nothing less attractive to a woman than a man clinging to her when she’s not into him)

Bonus Texts & Tips

Extra texting case studies that cover practically EVERY single one of your messaging bases.

  • The complete texting fundamentals in podcast form - PLUS, strange things you wouldn’t expect to increase your attractiveness through text (for example, which kind of guys do ladies like more: Android users or Iphone users - Yes, it DOES matter if you want girls to date you)
  • When (and how) to take a girl you just met… on a full-on date through text message alone
  • The exact meme (and follow-up) to text when she doesn’t know who’s messaging her
  • How to recover from an awful text message you completely regret pressing “send” on
  • An A-Z texting method when you had enough time to get the number… but not enough to get to know her (I share a client’s journey that easily let him move from “tell me about yourself...” to “let’s get drinks” as smoothly as possible)
  • What to send a girl you made out with… but didn’t take home yet
  • ...And if you did take her home? Easy - just use this deciding factor to create the perfect text, and instantly make her think “I’m pretty sure I ‘LIKE’ like this guy…”

After reading “Make Her Want You” Texting you'll never need to chase women again.

You’ll never worry about a girl ignoring you or not responding to your messages.

And you’ll never worry about spending a weekend alone.

Instead, women hunt you down — and are eager to do whatever you want.

Your friends, family, and wingmen will enviously glare at your amazing “luck” with women.

And many of the women ignoring you right now (for being that needy and thirsty dude) will come crawling back to you...

Practically begging to date you.

I see this happen ALL the time when I teach people my texting system.

And it’s so easy, too.

Just follow my simple “blueprint” and, before you know it, you’ll be connecting with a woman you’re really attracted to...

Then another.

And then another...

Until, suddenly… you've got an entire harem of women and many more hoping to be worthy of your Wednesday…

And here’s the thing…

Once you start texting women the way I show you, not only will they start fawning over you like a teenager raging with hormones… they’ll be happy about it, too.

And that’s because women are literally getting HUNDREDS of messages from horny dudes around the world.

And 98% of them are boring… predictable… and flat out pathetic!

So even if your experience runs contrary to what I’m about to say, believe me when I say this 100% true statement:

Women want to be swept off their feet.

They want a man to say the right things to them and make them obsessed with him.

And they want to see that other women are competing for the same high-value man they are… because it’s the absolute BEST way to determine that you are worth the investment.

In fact, the more jealous they are… the more they actually like you!

And lucky for you (and me), all of this can be conveyed through text message!

You see, this is where most guys get things wrong - they don’t understand that every text they send says something about their worthiness to a woman.

And women are constantly screening guys texts to determine if they meet their standards.

And the fact of the matter is, most guys FAIL this screening.

Now, I know that might sound harsh…

But the truth is that women are simply looking for a man who knows how to talk to them… especially in a way that makes them feel attractive and feminine…

But also in a way that gives them the sense that you are a REAL man with plenty of women to choose from.

(Which, as I said earlier, is the easiest way to gauge your worthiness to them).

This is why it’s so important to send them texts that make them feel those things…

To them, you become the guy who’s saving them from the swarm of garbage messages they usually get…

And this makes you stand out even among the most handsome, rich, tall (or anything else you can think of)… guys out there messaging them.

So when you text girls the way I show you, they start thinking certain thoughts about you, such as:

“This guy gets it…”

“Finally, someone interesting!”

“I think I can see myself with this guy…”

And once they’ve got these thoughts swimming around their head, suddenly they’re watching their phone like jailer’s on prisoners… because they want to keep having more thoughts and feelings like this.

And she’ll make that ABUNDANTLY clear.

For every one text you send, she’ll send 2, 3, or even 5 out of sheer excitement that she’s found a “worthy” man.

And if you toss in a bit of flirtatiousness, she’ll ante-up the dirty talk in the hopes that she can “impress” you.

And heck, don’t be surprised if (and when) she sends unsolicited nudes your way.

This is what happens when you give women the texts they want. They move mountains just to get (and keep) your full attention amongst the horde of women fighting for your recognition.

Now, let me ask you… If my texting system got you AT LEAST one date with a woman you were really attracted to every month, would it be worth it to you?

Compared to the lonely weekends…

Compared to the empty calendar…

Compared to the increasingly shameful visits to Pornhub…

Just what would you give to have a pipeline of beautiful ladies on standby, each one staring at their phone like a dog waiting for their master to come home?

Well, before I made this available to the general public, I charged $697 for it to my private clients.

(And NOT a single one has ever taken me up on my 100% money-back guarantee).

So at first, I was going to cut the price in half, which is only a one-time investment of $349.

But if you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably ready to get started NOW, so I want to do one even better and make this an absolute no-brainer for you…

So for the next 7 days, I’m going to make this amazingly powerful system available for a one-time low investment of $47...

That’s a whopping 93% savings from the normal retail price of $697.

Why would I price this package so low?

It's simple - I’m gambling that once you taste success with these valuable insider texting secrets, your new problems (dealing with several women in your dating pool) can be solved by my “next level” products and services.

And if that's the case, we'll both be getting a great deal in the long run.

And I haven’t even mentioned the sweet “fast-buyer” bonuses yet:

If you order within the next 7 days, you’ll get 2 FREE bonuses that supplement your “dates-outta-thin-air” texting abilities. 

Think of them as the “bridge” towards a life where women are drawn to you... choose you over all other hungry guys... and even fight to place themselves in your life. It’ll set the foundation you need to grow your very first harem... or even let you attract beautiful, interesting women you want as a girlfriend (or wife) into your life and make them devoted to you (and you alone)...

The first bonus is my “companion” booklet, which I designed to make you 100% ready to nail what comes after you send women all these amazing texts - the first date. You’ll be getting a LOT more of these after all, and this freebie will guarantee women demand even more dates, kisses, and “intimacy…” from you after a single date alone.

But the second bonus will let you capitalize on not only your texting skills… but your dating skills… relationship skills... and even your life skills, too… which will make sure every fiber of your lifestyle oozes “irresistibility” to women.

So let’s take a look, shall we?

Bonus #1 - The Dating Protocol

How To Execute The Perfect First Date

Now that you’ve been given everything possible to get that first date, THIS will make sure that first date goes SO well you get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th… and MANY more dates in the future.

And even better:

As long as you follow the easy, step-by-step instructions here… women will inevitably be attracted to you, feel connected to you, have fun with you… and get an intense intimacy with you that NO other guy can make her feel.

(This will get her obsessing about you all day long).

You’ll get these to make it happen:

  • The REAL reason you’re only getting first dates (and why getting second dates is like trying to find a water fountain in the desert)
  • My Dating-Protocol method for taking women out and giving them a story-like dating experience… which instantly drowns out all those other guys with their boring ass dates (hint - places like sit-in restaurants, movies, and all those other “typical” locations are “yawnville” to ALL beautiful women)
  • Never schedule dates on THESE days unless you want girls to think you have zero social life… which kills her attraction for you
  • The first-date line I use to make sure she knows I’m a take-charge man and no pushover (get this done immediately so she knows you’re different from all those other guys… elevating your manliness in her eyes and making her want you even more)
  • The perfect first-date spot to take girls and show them just how fun and playful you really are (this place is crucial if you wanna plant the seed of attraction in a woman… and possibly even make her take initiative to set up a second date herself)
  • My absolute favorite place to take women when I wanna escalate physically with them (I love this place because (1) I can use my favorite hand-holding hack on the way there, which women fall for 98% of the time, and (2) the chances of a first kiss are sky-high when you go here)
  • How to use the “Questions Game” to escalate physically with a girl in a fun, NON-creepy way they absolutely love (if you do this right, it’s actually hard for women to not “be in the moment” and wanna kiss you… even better, you can use THIS line as well, just to be 100% sure it’s “safe” to go in for the kiss)
  • The exact process to follow when you’re mere inches from sex… and you wanna score a home run with almost zero resistance (once you get her here... just play the music I tell you… pour out the drinks I tell you… and even put on the “cartoons” I tell you... and your chances of her leading you - by hand - to the bedroom skyrocket!)

And here’s the best part:

To really set you up for the absolute best success with nailing the most smoking beauties around…

(Whether it’s the sexy blonde getting a pumpkin latte at Starbucks… or the shapely Asian girl who walks by you on the sidewalk)

…I’m giving you a limited-time only trial run for my Leverage program - 30 days FREE.

Bonus #2 - The Leverage Program

30-day Trial FREE

This is the same program I’ve used to turn hundreds of guys into modern-day Casanova’s… 

Even if they were complete virgins, horribly awkward talkers, or guys who’ve deemed themselves too “ugly” for women to like.

But no matter who the guy was... as long as they followed the program, they were ALL able to create a lifestyle that is not only rewarding, fun, and wealth-inducing…

But also had a gravitational effect on women that seemed to pull them in… with little (or sometimes zero) game needed at all!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get to do the same:

  • The single most attractive thing a woman desires in a man (hint - it’s not looks or even charm… yet it’s something women are uncontrollably lured in by)
  • The BEST place to practice daygame ever (no matter how bad a talker you are, I’ve NEVER seen a girl leave a client hanging here… because this location would make it even more awkward to walk away than keep talking to you)
  • How to look like a baller on a budget (this method requires some social skills and balls… but it keeps you looking hot as possible every day of the year in women’s eyes)
  • An Airbnb hack that let me earn $173,516 in FOUR months (doing this let me travel the world and meet and date LOTS of pretty, exotic ladies along the way) 
  • My “Hook n’ Swoop” 20 seconds or less daygame opener that COMPLETELY bypasses “I have a boyfriend…” awkward conversations… running out of things to say… or any other problem you could have when approaching even the most beautiful girls (I came up with this because of how hard it is to approach a girl without looking like a creep or weirdo… so I created this “antidote” to the ugly and embarrassing scenarios approaching random women can have)
  • What I did with my “waste-of-space” car that let me generate hundreds from it each month (once I learned how to use Uber to pull more chicks, I put that car to a different use so it could earn me money to get even more girls on my dating list)
  • A smack-your-head simple phrase that instantly drops your “creep-factor” to near zero
  • My go-to “call out” line when the girl is clearly not interested and I want to get an easy laugh out of her (this could be your saving grace if your approach is bombing)
  • How I stopped paying taxes up to 100K every year… PLUS, what I did to cut my expenses (food AND rent) by up to FIFTY percent (ALL these savings funded my “Hugh Hefner” lifestyle… and even made having multiple harems in different cities my reality)
  • How to approach two girls at once... and even get one of the girls to help you get the other girl’s number (you’ll find both girls absolutely love it when you do this… even though one of the girl’s “should” be jealous about it)
  • How to skip to the front line of ANY club you want (even in cities like Hollywood, New York, or L.A.)
  • When you tell her THIS, not only will she let you go out and have sex with any woman you want… she’ll be too “into you” to do the same in return (even when you encourage her to do so)
  • What to say when women accuse you of “being a player” (once you start getting through Leverage, you WILL get to the point where women start accusing you of this due to how strangely impressive a guy you are… but you can easily shut that down with 3 simple sentences)
  • The “Trap Queen” response to control the jealous girls in your harems
  • How to set up an open relationship that makes her desperately work hard to please you... all so she stands out compared to the other girls you’re dating that make her jealous 
  • Avoid any women who give you THESE red flags (since you’re practically guaranteed to meet many women through Leverage… make sure you spin-move away the SECOND you see any of these potential issues with them)
  • My “90 Day Harem” method that lets you enter any city (with ZERO connections)… to you having your message box blowing up with truckloads of pretty women... who are all eager to head to your place for “sexy time”

100% Guarantee

And to top things off:

If in the next 12 months you don't convert way more leads into lovers, or if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your results...

...I'll BUY the ““Make Her Want You” Texting” manual back from you, and…

You Can Keep The Bonuses Just For Your Trouble!

That means there is ZERO risk for you at all.

Bonus Deadline

But time is ticking, and the FREE bonuses that help you create a buffet-line of women out the door… will be gone just like that.

So here’s the deal:

If you order within the next 7 days, you’ll get these two bonuses absolutely free. 

The Dating Protocol will be yours - FREE.

The Leverage program (which has let hundreds of regular, boring, plain, or poor guys… attract legions of hotties into their lives) - also FREE (for 30 days).

If you do NOT order within the next 7 days, these bonuses will be GONE.

We simply cannot waver on the 7 day time-limit.

A key part of our program is in working with decisive men. Quite frankly, whenever we see guys dilly dallying around in the program, we can make a 98% accurate guess that they’re likely not gonna make much improvement to their dating lives.

On the contrary, whenever we see guys who are quick to take action and move forward with things…

They almost ALWAYS add multiple women to their weekly dating schedule (usually just weeks into their Leverage induction).

So think of this deadline as a test of your dating potential:

If you sign up before the 7-day deadline is up, then we know you’re the kind of guy who’s likely to experience far better dating success than the average, slow-to-act dudes out there.

But if you fail to act before time’s up… then all I can do is wish you best of luck going forward.

(At least your text message skills will be up to snuff.)

So don’t expect one of those fake deadlines where once the time is up you can still get the bonuses - because once that clock hits zero… the bonuses are “legit” gone forever and never coming back.

(And I never go back on my word)

Now... although it’s hard to put an exact number on the value of these two bonuses combined (ESPECIALLY regarding the free 30-day Leverage trial)... I can guarantee that it’s in the $1,000+ range.

After all, Leverage alone is a multi-part, multi-women-getting, multi-wealth building course that is damn near impossible to digest in only 30 days... and usually requires months to squeeze out every last benefit that you can.

(Though you’re free to try!)

But if you manage to get even 1/10th of the lady-attracting value you can out of it… you’ll have FAR surpassed every single guy out there.

(And that’s a 100% certainty)

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy TODAY to leave other dudes in the dust while you get all the smokin beauties for yourself.

Alright, that’s a lot to take in so let’s do a quick recap - you get:

  1. “Make Her Want You” Texting - Your exclusive texting guide for turning numbers into dates
  2. “The Dating Protocol” - The perfect follow up for the above “on-demand” date creators, which makes women think of you non-stop after your first-dates, and…
  3. FREE access to “Leverage” for 30 whole days - Your key to creating a life that has money, travel, a community of guys ALL helping each other out… and an ocean of sexy women drawn to that life like a bug to a zapper-light.

But to get the bonuses, you must move fast before time's up and it's too late.

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